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Helping Hands

Creating a website is not a "one man job", and I feel it's an honour to give credit to those that contributed to the design of this website:

Image Credits

The content images used in this website are licensed under Creative Commons. Many thanks to the following people for making their images available:

an elephant ornament hiding away

Hiding Place

Johanna Hardell

an information sign reflecting on a shiny table


Barney Moss

scrabble pieces forming the words 'raise awareness'

Raise Awareness

Sharon Sinclair

a close up of the phone in a public telephone booth

Edinburgh Phone Booth 001


the blue glow of police car lights on the street

Running the Streets

Johnny Silvercloud

hands cupping the head of a pink flower


Gaby Altenberger

a close up of a pen and paper


by Daria / epicantus

a chopping board with knife and chopped carrots

stew fixings

liz west

a bird nestled in the nook of a tree

Shelter Tree


a paper file with a bunch of documents

Paperwork file

Ian Lamont

a tiny hand holding onto mother and father's hands'

Helping hand

Judit Klein

a mother kissing her baby's cheek'

mother and Son


a pink flower growing at the side of the road


Toshlyuki IMAI

a young boy with the Bible quote John chapter 3 verse 17



a question mark painted on the road

sensitive noise / obvious 2

Milos Milosevic

a finger and heart caught in a wooden mouse trap

Self Trapped

Nicu Buculei

a steamed window with a heart drawn into it


Leland Francisco

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